Mormon Church Owns Bain Stock; Serves as Tax Shelter for Romneys

The Mormon Church Owns Bain Stocks and Billion Dollar Businesses | Politicol Commentary News

Mitt Romney gave the Mormon Church millions of dollars through Bain Capital in stock holdings so they could also profit from Bain.

In this way, the Mormon Church could buy & sell stocks, legally without paying any capital gain taxes, & this benefits the Church but also Mitt Romney. The Church pays no capital gains on stocks donated from Romney.

There are no laws that require the Mormon Church to open their books to anyone, including investigators, the Dept of Justice, the FBI or any government agency, which makes a church a perfect place to launder money.

In Feb. 2012, four priests in the Catholic Church were charged with laundering money, in secret accounts with no names, and it seems the criminality of this system of no accountability to a country’s tax system allows churches to operate like the mob.


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